2000-6000 (1Y28050) MPDP2.0-6.0-4

The Model MPDP2.0-6.0-4 troop antenna is designed to be mounted on equipment where reliability is needed most. This antenna works with all radios within the 2000-6000 MHz band.
This antenna is ideal for clandestine operations, jamming, and other high performance platforms. The slim line profile allows for visual cross section reduction, In addition the base encompasses a ruggedized flex section ideal for quick fold out positioning and return.
The radiator element unique to Hascall-Denke is of top leading technology. Designed for durability and performance. The complete antenna is sealed in a heavy duty UV stable radome for maximum mechanical stability and reliability in harsh environments.

    Frequency Range: 2000-6000 MHz
    Gain: 4 dBi +/- .5
    VSWR: 3:1 Max
    2-2.5:1 Typical Operational Bands
    Input Impedance: 50 Ω Nominal
    Power: 25 Watts PEP
    Polarization: Vertical
    Beamwidth: Horizontal: 360°
    Vertical: 45°
    Input Connector: Type N Male
    Overall Height: 16 in. (.41 m)
    Antenna Length: 12 in. (0.31 m)
    Radome: 1.5 in. Oval (38.1 mm)
    Net Weight: e 0.5 lb. (0.23 kg)
    Color: Black/Green/Tan/Grey
    Deflection: Gooseneck Flexible Tubing
    Mounting: Type N Male