Antenna Relocation Kit

ARK1.5 (1Y54050)

The Hascall-Denke ARK1.5 Antenna Relocation Kit was designed to give radio operators more flexibility in relocating their antenna from the radio. The ARK1.5 snapless MOLLE designed antenna pouch is Berry Compliant and supplied with a 3’ RG-142 RF cable with a 90° right angle TNC Male connector for the radio and TNC Female connector for an antenna up to 1.5″ in diameter.

The ARK1.5 does not include the antenna.


Cable Type RG-142F
Cable Length 3′ (0.91m)
Max Antenna Diameter 1.5 in (38.1 mm)
Antenna Connector TNC-F
Radio Connector 90° TNC-M