Military Antennas

Since 1986, Hascall-Denke has been designing and manufacturing military antennas for armed forces, special operations, and government agencies around the world. Our military antennas and masts are efficient, robust, and can be completely customized for each application. Furthermore, every military antenna from Hascall-Denke is fabricated in the United States of America, ensuring quality and craftsmanship.

Hascall-Denke is one of the few military antenna developers in the country that specializes in tactical base station antennas. In addition to this expertise, Hascall-Denke can provide you with the following military antenna capabilities and much more:

  • Hascall-Denke’s rugged military antenna products are combat tested and proven
  • Broadband military antennas covering frequency bands as great as 30MHz-10GHz
  • Antennas for handheld radios, manpack, vehicles, and special applications (surveillance, telemetry, remote control)
  • Discone, dipole, and log periodic antennas as well as monopoles, stacked dipoles,
    Yagi antennas, etc.
  • Omnidirectional and directional antennas for military use
  • Low profile military antenna configurations available
  • Used by conventional and special operations forces worldwide
  • Built to withstand extreme temperatures, winds, contaminants, blasts, and more
  • Optional mounting brackets
  • Custom Designs (Our Specialty)

Of course, Hascall-Denke is a DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) approved supplier for the U.S. armed forces. Please please call or e-mail the engineers at Hascall-Denke to learn more about short and long-range communications through our specialized military antennas.