Banded Antenna Kit 1

(1Y45350) HD-BAK-1, REV A

The Hascall-Denke Banded Antenna Kit (HD-BAK) was designed to give radio operators more flexibility in congested and contested Radio Frequency (RF) environments. The antennas cover L/UHF – U/UHF L and S bands.

The antennas in the kit are optimized specifically for the TSM-X™ waveform maximizing reliable throughput and extended range. The HD-BAK supports the TW-950/900, AN/PRC-163, AN/PRC-148C IMBITR and other Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking (MANET) radios.

• Use on multiple radio platforms
• Operator flexibility
• Optimized performance
• Extended range

      • Kit Consists of:
        Part #, Model Number, Frequency, VSWR,  Gain Design
        1Y43300 MPDP1.25-1.45-4 1250-1450MHz <2:1 4dBi Dipole
        1Y43350 MPDP 1.75-1.85-4 1750-1850MHz <2:1 4dBi Dipole
        1Y43400 MPDP2.2-2.35-4 2200-2350MHz <2:1 4dBi Dipole
        1Y38700 MPDP675X4 675-2600MHz 2.5: 1Max 0-2dBi Dipole
        1Y38350 MPMP225X2AD 225-450MHz 3.0:1 Max 1.5 – 2dBi Monopole
      • Specifications when stowed
        Length ~ 17.5″
        Width ~ 2.5″
        Weight 1.8Lb
        ** Bag—Berry Compliant
        ** Antennas—Designed and Manufactured in the USA
      • Bag Color, Part Number, Model Number
        Black 1Y45350 HD BAK-1
        Coyote Brown 1Y45350A HD BAK-1ABGrey