Special Application Antennas 

Available for a wide variety of applications, special application antennas from Hascall-Denke provide superior reliability and performance with unparalleled durability and craftsmanship. Built with decades of creativity and experience behind their designs, our special application antennas are second-to-none. If you want the highest quality and best customer service, then Hascall-Denke can help you. Even if you simply have a range of frequencies or particular environmental conditions to build around; our professional and knowledgeable engineers can work with you to build special application antennas specifically for your requirements. We can possibly modify one of our current designs, including:

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Special Applications 

Selected Frequency

121.5, 225-300, 406 MHz
121.5, 225-300, 406 MHz
138-153 MHz
NSN: 5985-01-516-0290
138-153 MHz
NSN: 5985-01-522-3524
138-153, 310-315 MHz
NSN: 5985-01-522-9237
138-153, 310-315 MHz
250-325 MHz
NSN: 5985-01-575-9744
2200-6000 MHz

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Hascall-Denke special application antennas are designed for many applications, including both military antennas and commercial antennas. With such features as adjustable bases, telescoping radiators, folding radiators, and more, we can help you get just what you need without the hassle. Unlike other manufacturers, Hascall-Denke performs our antenna fabrication in-house and in the USA. This fact means you can be confident that each and every step of the construction process is performed to high standards of quality and reliability, resulting in exceptional special application antennas. You’re sure to appreciate the superior value of Hascall-Denke’s innovative design services.

Military Antennas 

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