Tactical Omnidirectional Antenna

2500-2600 MHz MADP2.5-2.6-10 (1Y22950)

The MADP2.5-2.6-10 antenna is designed to be used in military, commercial, and other vehicles (including marine craft) where reliability is needed most. This antenna works with all radios within the 2500-2600 MHz band.

The antenna is designed to provide maximum Data, Video & Voice performance in a wide range of applications.

The antenna is provided with state-of-the-art radiating elements essential for maximum reliability and superior performance.

Robust and tough, this antenna is housed in a thick fiberglass radome double reinforced at the base and is constructed from corrosion resistant materials for reliability in the harshest environments. The lower portion includes a threaded section with a 1 inch stainless steel nut for mounting.


  • Frequency Range: 2500-2600 MHz
  • Gain: 10.0 dBi +/- .5
  • VSWR: < 2.0:1 Typical
  • Input Impedance: 50 Ω Nominal
  • Power: 25 Watts
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Radiation Pattern: Azimuth: 360° Elevation: 14°
  • DC Short: Yes
  • Input Connector: Type N Female


  • Overall Height: 30 in. (0.76 m)
  • Radome Main: 1.25 in. OD (31.8 mm)
  • Radome Base: 1.50 in. OD (38.1 mm)
  • Net Weight: 1.72 lb. (0.78 kg)
  • Color: Black/Green/Tan/Grey
  • Mounting: Stainless Steel Base (1”-14UNF Threaded Nut)