Vehicular HF Antenna

2-60 MHZ MVMP2X30 (1Y07950)

The MVMP2X30 is designed to enhance the capabilities of the common HF tactical radio application by allowing tuner-less operation across the HF band. This antenna base has integral broadband impedance matching allowing broadband waveforms to be utilized even after the addition of higher power amplifiers.

Additionally, this antenna will cover 5-60 MHz with a VSWR of less than 3.5:1. For more efficient operation in the 2-5 MHz region of spectrum an accessory tuner is available to provide a lower VSWR required by some tactical transceiver products. The tuner can be located anywhere between the transceiver output and the input of the common mode choke. The tuner requires a DC voltage source of 11-16 Volts DC @ 750 mA. For most vehicular platforms efficiency depending on vehicular ground loss averages > 75%. The connector provided with the antenna is a type N Female other connectors available upon request.

A 16ft (4.88 m) fiberglass whip, consisting of four screw together sections, is mounted on top of a tilting whip adapter and spring assembly. The base matching unit is also provided with a cable assembly that includes a common mode RF choke.


The broadband antenna can be used in two modes (1) Broadband with no tuner required or (2)

selective mode with tuner.


A. Broadband Mode:

  • 1.The antenna is pre-tuned from 5-22 MHz for broadband applications…no tuner required.
  • 2.Input power: 200 Watts continuous RF
  • 3.VSWR < 3.5:1 over the 5-60 MHz band
  • 4.Broadband efficiency: for most vehicular platforms efficiency (depending on vehicular ground
  • loss and other broadband compensation factors) averages greater than 60%.

B. Tuner mode:

  • 1. Available with the MVMP2X30 antenna and fits seamlessly between the transceiver output
  • and the coax cable going to the antenna base matching unit. (The tuner requires a dc voltage
  • source of 11-16 volts DC @ 750mA)
  • 2. Tuner operation (Ref. to manual) the tuner has two modes of operation
  • (a) tuner off—allows broadband operation from 5-22 MHz…tuner is in bypass mode.
  • (b) tuner on—allows tuner to tune the antenna system from 2-60 MHz single frequency. This
  • mode also allows a pre-set VSWR and up to 8000 tuned single frequencies can be
  • stored in tuner memory.
  • (c) Max power: 200 Watts
  • (d) Efficiency: for most vehicular platforms efficiency (depending on vehicular ground loss)
  • averages > 75%.

C. Other specifications:

  • 1. Standard NATO 4 bolt on 4.5 inch DBHC
  • 2. High voltage protection up to 20 KV and high voltage static buildup protection
  • 3. EMP protection included
  • 4. Base connector: Type N Female

D. Antenna System consists of:

  • 1. Min 16 foot fiberglass whip in four screw together sections
  • 2. Spring and tilt whip adapter for NVIS applications
  • 3. Base matching unit
  • 4. Cable assembly with common mode RF choke
  • 5. 2-60 MHz tuner (optional)