S/C Band Antenna

2200-2500 & 4400-5000 MHz – MPDP2.2-2.5/4.4-5.0 (1Y55050)

The MPDP2.2-2.5/4.4-5.0 is a dual band antenna, designed to be used in military manpack, commercial, and
other body, vest or handheld mounted applications where reliability is needed most. This antenna works with all
radios and communication platforms operating within the 2200-2500 & 4400-5000 MHz bands, allowing
flexibility for MN-MIMO, Wi-Fi and LTE-U applications.

Lightweight and compact, it is provided with state-of-the-art radiating elements essential for superior
performance and is built to meet MIL-STD-810.


  • Low Profile
  • Dual Band
  • Flexible Gooseneck

Electrical Specifications

 Frequency: 2200-2500 & 4400-5000 MHz

Polarization: Vertical

Impedance: 50Ω

VSWR: 2.0:1 Typical

Gain: 2 dBi

Pattern: Omni Directional

Azimuth: 360°

Elevation: 65°

Power: 25 Watts

Connector: TNC-M


Mechanical Specifications

Design: Dipole

Height: 9.5 in. (0.24m)

Width: 1.12 in.

Radome: Polycarbonate

Weight: 3.26 oz. (92.4 g)

Color: Black/Green/Tan/Grey