Handheld Tri-band Antenna

136-174/380-520/762-816 MHz (1Y54850H) MPMP150-450-816AI

The MPMP150-450-816AI is a handheld full spectrum multiband VHF, UHF, 700/800/900MHz antenna designed for today’s latest P25 Land Mobile Radios (LMR) for maritime, military, commercial, public safety, and law enforcement applications. This antenna is designed to provide maximum performance and reliability for the Motorola APX6000 radios



  • Increased Performance
  • Foldable Radiator
  • Robust construction



    Electrical Specifications

     136-174 MHz

    380-520 MHz

    762-870 MHz


    Polarization  Vertical
    Impedance  50 Ω Nominal
    VSWR   3:1 Max, 2:1 Typical
    Gain  See Gain Comparison Chart
    Radiation Pattern  Azimuth 360°
    Power  10 Watts
    Connector  SMA Female
    Mechanical Specifications
    Design  Monopole
    Weight  3.1 oz (88 grams)
    Height  12.5 in. (317.5 mm)
    Radio  Motorola APX6000
    Color  Black