Sector Panel Antenna

1250-2700 MHz FXSP1.25-2.7-15 (1Y53950)

The FXSP1.25-2.7-15 features high gain, wideband capabilities and is designed to be used with Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking (MANET) radio systems.  This antenna has been optimized for the Trellisware® TSM™ Waveform and other radios that operate in the 1250-2700MHz bands.

The antenna features a state of the art radiating element which is housed in a UV stable polycarbonate Radome and constructed using corrosion resistant materials for reliability in the most extreme environments.


  • Consistent gain across the band
  • 90 degree beamwidth
  • 50W power handling
  • Adaptable to other platforms


  •  Frequency Range: 1250-2700 MHz
  •  Gain: 15 dBi +/- .5
  •  VSWR: 2.0:1 Typical
  •  Input Impedance: 50 Ω Nominal
  •  Power: 50 Watts max
  •  Polarization: Vertical
  •  Radiation Pattern: Azimuth: 90° Elevation: 16°
  •  Input Connector: Type N Female


  •  Radome: Polycarbonate
  •  Dimensions: 36.25″ Tall X 3.5″ Wide X 3.25″ Thick
  •  Weight: 3.85 lbs
  •  Mechanical Tilt: +15/-25
  •  Universal Mounting: HDM013 Sector Mount (sold separately)
  •  Color: Black/Green/Tan/Grey/White