Tactical Rolatube Antenna Mounts

UM030 & UM030A Tactical Rolatube Antenna Mounts (1Y50900 & 1Y50900A)

The UM030 and UM030A Tactical Rolatube antenna mounts are designed to provide the operator flexibility in increasing Line-of Site (LOS) coverage for a variety of communication and digital applications.

The UM030 is designed for antennas that require a ground plane for optimum performance and includes ground radial guy wires. The UM030A is designed for ground independent antennas that do not require ground radials.

Both mounts include 25ft of coaxial cable with built in strain relief, perfect for 7M, 5M and 3M Rolatube applications.

Please see below chart for connector selections.

Connector Options:

UM030 (1Y50900)
with ground radial guy wires


UM030A (1Y50900A)
w/o ground radial guy wires

A Cable Connector B Antenna Connector
1 TNC Male (Plug) 1 “N” Female (Jack)
2 “N” Male (Plug) 2 PSC-5 (BNC Female Jack
3 SMA Male (Plug) 3 BNC Female (Jack)
4 BNC Male (Plug) 4 TNC Female (Jack)
5 TNC Female (Jack) Example: UM030(1)(4) would be a TNC Male for the cable connection and a TNC Female for the antenna connection.
6 “N” Female (Jack)
7 SMA Female (Jack)
8 BNC Female (Jack)

Inovative Design

The mount Is designed with Heavy duty stainless steel.


Robust and tough, this mount is constructed from corrosion resistant materials for reliability in the harshest environments.


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