High Gain Handheld Antenna

160-161 MHz (1Y46150 Series) MPMP160-161 Series, REV A

The MPMP160-161 is designed to provide maximum performance and superior reliability over a stock antenna.  This antenna is able to operate in 3 different positions, allowing the operator to adjust the antenna to suit their needs.  This antenna is designed to work on a number of handheld radios operating between 160-161 MHz.



  • Foldable Radiator
  • Operates in folded position
  • Extends range
  • Robust construction


    Electrical Specifications
    Frequency  160-161MHz
    Polarization  Vertical
    Impedance  50 Ω Nominal
    VSWR  < 2:1
    Gain See description next to pictures
    Radiation Pattern Azimuth 360°
    Power  10 Watts
    Radio  See Compatibility Guide
    Mechanical Specifications
    Design  Monopole
    Weight 3.1 oz (88 grams)
    Height  20.5 in. (0.53 m)
    Color  Black
    Antenna Part # Antenna Model # Compatible Radios
    1Y46150 MPMP160-161 KENWOOD (NX-210, NX-5200, TK-2312)
    1Y46150A MPMP160-161AB ICOM (F3400)
    1Y46150B MPMP160-161AC ICOM (F3161, F3261, F1100, M85)
    1Y46150F MPMP160-161AG Motorola XPR 6000 Series
    1Y46150G MPMP160-161AH Motorola XPR 7000 Series
    1Y46150I MPMP160-161AJ Motorola HT750, HT1250, P110, GP300
    1Y46150J MPMP160-161AK BNC – male
    1Y46150K MPMP160-161AL Motorola CP040, CP140, CP150, CP160, CP180, CP200, CP400, GP3688, GP3188, EP450